Culture & Change track

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. It’s hard to find someone today, who doesn’t know this famous quote by Peter Drucker. But despite our knowledge of the importance of culture, we are struggling with actualising it in our organizations.

With the Culture and change conference track, we bring together changemakers for intense learning, knowledge sharing, and best practices for fostering a culture of openness, collaboration, and engagement. You will get insights into successes and failures from within major organizations, as well as hands-on methods for your own work; building the foundation for successful adoption of new tools, productivity, and long term innovation.

Track leader: Martin Paludan (DK)
Communication & Marketing manager at Boye & Co

Social Event: Morning run

Join the morning run to prepare for a day of learning and networking. We will run about 25 minutes at a relaxed pace.

Breakfast & Registration

The conversation starts at breakfast. Have one or several cups of coffee and get a great start to the rest of the day.


Speaker: Tim Walters (DE)
Customer Experience and Data Privacy Consultant

Keynote: Having your privacy cake and consuming great customer experiences too

Regulations like the GDPR and California’s CCPA hog all of the headlines, but businesses are currently experiencing an inescapable Global Data Privacy Revolution that is ultimately powered by a fundamental shift in consumer attitudes about data use and abuse.

Coffee, tea & networking

Speaker: Christina Mumm (DK)
ScrumMaster at TVLab, TDC/Nuuday

Don't just talk buzz. Make agile happen

Be prepared to go deeper than usual, and learn what it really takes to create a trusting, truly collaborative work culture, built upon strong human relations. 

Without these basics in place, you will never be able to successfully drive any kind of change


Speaker: Hannu Vangsgaard (DK) CEO at Ucommerce

Dinosaurs - and how to kill them

We spent the first 15 years of the information age thinking it was all about tech. It wasn’t. And it isn’t. If you have been involved in any project or transformation process with the word digital involved, you know it: it's all about the people. And sometimes it’s mostly about the people that doesn’t want change, the dinosaurs.

Coffee, tea & networking

Join the roundtable discussions

Coffee, tea & networking

Speaker: Melissa Breker (CAN) Founder at Breker Group