Conference program

The conference features 4 packed days with 11 different conference tracks, workshops, activities and world class facilitators, thought-provokers, speakers and session leads. Our 2019 theme is #GrowingTogether, because we have a growth mindset and we believe that’s what happens when you meet in person

November 4

CMS Experts

Automation & Robotics

Gatsby meetup

November 5

Morning workshops

Product Management

Afternoon workshops

Keynote: Leading Into The Unknown

November 6

Social Event: Morning run

Customer Experience track

Communication track

Culture & Change track

Future Workplace track

Keynote: Having your privacy cake and consuming great customer experiences too


Small Feature Award

November 7

Project Management track

Content Operations track

Keynote: The future of work is already here - it's just not evenly distributed yet

300 Seconds

Keynote: Deconstructing the experience economy

Town Hall