Future Workplace track

The physical workplace is changing and in many cases dissolving into more and more distributed and remote work. This ads new requirements to the modern workplace where technology is becoming imperative when you wish to manage your team.

The Future Workplace conference track focused on how to do that effectively; balancing control and democracy in our day to day activities as well as our projects. Managing communication, information and KPI's in a way that fosters close and effective collaboration.

The conversation continues in our future workplace peer groups.

Track leader: Andrew Pope (UK) Innovation and Collaboration Expert

Social Event: Morning run

Join the morning run to prepare for a day of learning and networking. We will run about 25 minutes at a relaxed pace.

Breakfast & Registration

The conversation starts at breakfast. Have one or several cups of coffee and get a great start to the rest of the day.


Speaker: Tim Walters (DE) Customer Experience and Data Privacy Consultant

Keynote: Having your privacy cake and consuming great customer experiences too

Regulations like the GDPR and California’s CCPA hog all of the headlines, but businesses are currently experiencing an inescapable Global Data Privacy Revolution that is ultimately powered by a fundamental shift in consumer attitudes about data use and abuse.

Coffee, tea & networking

Speaker: Marcela Alvarado (DK) Digital Communication Manager at Arla Foods

Closing down the internal communications

The journey from traditional old-school internal communications and why Arla decided to move away from a digital workplace to a newsdesk and corporate storytelling.

How did this go down, and how has this impacted the workplace?


Speaker: Christina Rahtgens (DE) Associate Partner at Silvester Group

Combining AI-first with a purpose-driven workplace

We have moved from a “digital first” paradigm to a “mobile first” paradigm and now we are moving into an “AI first” paradigm. What does that really mean for the workplace of tomorrow?

Coffee, tea & networking

Join the roundtable discussions

Coffee, tea & networking

Speaker: Maren Christin Hübl (DE) Business Manager at Data Management & Landscape Transformation, SAP

How to lead remote and distributed teams?

What are practices that foster engagement and responsibility in a team? What are the challenges? Looking at the employee experience through the eyes of 3 different personas, the needs and expectations vary a lot

Coffee, tea & networking

What’s the small feature that really makes the product way better? Is it a small design change, an elegantly engineered new piece of functionality or something else?

In this new contest, we celebrate the unsung heroes of the workplace: The small features that make all the difference.

Social Event: Conference Party
Social Event: Cocktail reception