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ContentOps: connecting strategy and delivery

Robert Mills (UK)   Head of Content at GatherContent

Robert Mills (UK)
Head of Content at GatherContent

When it comes to communication and content we are great at coming up with ambitious strategies and goals for what we want to achieve. 

But there’s a tendency in the industry to focus on delivery and obsess over ways to distribute content to our audiences. 

Often the operations between strategy and delivery of content aren’t sophisticated or considered enough to allow for scalable and repeatable ways of working. 

Any organisation that publishes content has some form of ContentOps, but is it efficient and resulting in effective content?

This talk will:

  • Define ContentOps

  • Outline 3 key elements of ContentOps that every organisation has and should invest in

  • Share some principles of ContentOps

  • Look at content operations ecosystems from different industries

  • Offer practical advice for where to get started with improving your own ContentOps