This year we’ve selected the famous Women’s Museum as the conference venue!

It’s very centrally located and used to house Aarhus City Hall.

How to get to Aarhus

Aarhus is easy to get to, located in the very heart of Denmark

By Airplane

BILLUND AIRPORT: Biggest international airport nearby. Direct connections including Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris and London.
AALBORG AIRPORT: Direct connections to: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, London, Oslo, Stavanger, Stockholm and Torshavn.
AARHUS AIRPORT: Direct connections to Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, London, Malaga, Munich, Oslo and Stockholm.

By Train

You can also take the train to Aarhus.
It is less than 3 hours from Copenhagen and about 4 hours in the direct train from Hamburg, Germany.

By Car

No problem. Park right at venue and get a free parking ticket at the registration desk
From Aarhus and Billund airports there are direct shuttles to Aarhus city centre, and Aalborg is an easy train ride 

Hotels within walking distance

Please contact the hotels directly to make bookings.