Program thursday, November 7

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The conversation starts at breakfast. Have one or several cups of coffee and get a great start to the rest of the day.


Speaker: Sharon O’Dea (UK) Experienced digital strategist

Keynote: The future of work is already here - it's just not evenly distributed yet

The future of work is the latest hype topic; we've all heard scare stories about robots taking our jobs. But what will the future of work really look like? And how can we, as digital practitioners, help our organisations prepare for it? In this session I'll bust the myths about the future of work and explore how in many industries that future has already arrived.

Coffee, tea & networking

Speaker: Miika Niemelä (FI) Customer Success Manager at Petra Digital Agency

Top 3 questions to be to be answered for marketing automation success in 2020

Join this interactive session the hear real-life examples, best practices and plenty of marketing automation tips and tricks that you can bring back to the office.

Speaker: Jem Henderson (UK) Entrepreneur Engagement Manager, Yorkshire at Tech Nation

There is no box to think outside of - diversity and inclusion for innovation

Diversity and inclusion have become watchwords when it comes to innovation activity, and with good reason. A study from McKinsey has shown that companies that are gender diverse are 15% more likely to outperform, and those that are ethnically diverse are 35% more likely to outperform.

Speaker: Marianne Kay (UK) Web CMS Team Leader at University of Leeds

Digital Project Success Checklist

There is no shortage of high profile digital projects that have run over time, over budget or both. Managing digital projects is hard because it relies on using new unproven technologies, terminology is ambiguous, expectations are high and the desire for constant change of requirements is relentless. 

This opening session covers the complete project lifecycle from writing the business case to project closure.

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Speaker: Brian Tomlinson (DE) Head of Digital Communications & Product Marketing at Engel & Völkers

Changing how we view content

We’re living in an attention economy driven by algorithms. Your content has more competition than ever before. And it’s not going to get better any time soon - if you want to stay top of mind, you have to produce relevant content - at scale.


Speaker: Aino Vonge Corry (DK) Independent consultant, facilitator, coach, speaker

Antipatterns for Retrospectives

Antipatterns are like patterns, only more informative. With antipatterns you will first see what patterns re-occur in "bad" retrospectives and then you will see how to avoid, or remedy, the situation.

Speaker: Sofie Irgens (DK) Responsible for Business Development, Product Management and Marketing globally in KK

How to get innovation running under really difficult conditions?

- Why problems beat solutions (and how to get executives to understand this)
- The resource paradox: When no one-one has time to the most important strategic initiative
- How business assessments and powerpoint reports can be your enemy and your best friend at the same time

Speaker: Uffe Alici Pedersen (DK) TV2 Østjylland

How do you transform classic mass communication into engaging social media video content?

How do you transform classic mass communication into engaging social media video content?

And how do you reach new audiences with original content?

Speaker: Jesper Lanther (DK) Senior Digital Marketing Consultant - Marketing Automation at GRUNDFOS

Global Campaign Management – Marketing Automation in a global setup

See how Grundfos have enabled the organisation to realise a global setup for marketing communications with automated and targeted messaging being delivered to the customers.

You will learn more about their journey with marketing automation and how they work with data and planning to make it all come to life.

Coffee, tea & networking

300 seconds is a series of lightning talks by and for the community. It gives a push to digital professionals who are sitting all quietly on valuable insights and learning, and haven't yet found the courage to share them with the rest of us! That's why we are extremely proud to have Sharon O'Dea facilitate a round of these talks at the Boye 19 conference.

Speaker: Michael Bednar-Brandt (AT) Keynote: Deconstructing the experience economy

Keynote: Deconstructing the experience economy

To dive deeper and deconstruct the experience economy, Michael will take us through the seven key elements as he outlined in this order:

  1. Results - typically revenue or cost

  2. Experiences - perceptions about an engagement

  3. Engagements - interactions along a journey


Coffee, tea & networking

Speaker: Flemming Kristensen (DK) CMO at Krifa

What really happens when you introduce marketing automation?

How do we proceed to the next level; creating the perfect user experience both online and offline?

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Vicki Sigvert Lajer (DK) Scrum Master at DXC Technology

Project Management as key to successful teams

When realizing project management has nothing to do with the manager, but is all about serving the team, you are ready to take off and deliver some kickass projects. But how can we as managers help our teams to success?

Speaker: Rajiv Vaid Basaiawmoit (DK) Head of Sci-tech Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Aarhus University

Innovation - What's play got to do with it!

The Innovation Landscape today - What can the past tell us?

What do games have to do with Innovation?

Content Gap Bridging

In this collaborative session, we’ll take a look at how to bridge your content gap.

How we can make purpose led content and what’s really the content you need to be creating next in order to attain your content goals.


Coffee, tea & networking
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