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Intentional Change: Facilitating Team Adoption of New Ideas

Melissa Breker (CAN)    Founder at Breker Group

Melissa Breker (CAN)
Founder at Breker Group

Positive change in a business setting doesn’t usually happen by accident. Throw in the variables of new leadership, mergers & acquisitions, or changing market forces, and improving for the better feels like it might take a miracle. 

To successfully navigate new challenges, organizations need to create a shared vision based on the new reality - one that supports and continuously reinforces new behaviours and new ways of thinking.

This session provides an actionable approach to help you:

  • Co-create and foster the adoption of change and improve productivity

  • Identify and share successes to support team buy-in about key behaviours

  • Foster a culture of exploration, enablement, and engagement

  • Communicate effectively so team members understand and deliver based on key goals

Conference track: Culture and Change