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5 Leaders, 5 Stories

Kasia Hall (US)   Executive Communications Manager at Microsoft

Kasia Hall (US)
Executive Communications Manager at Microsoft

In a world where everyone is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all leadership strategy. Great leaders must have the adaptability to lead diverse teams, aligning and coalescing different personalities, ages and cultures around a common vision. The stories they must tell change as organizations changes through different stages of growth and competitiveness.

There’s the transformational leader, for example, whose role is to encourage followers to be creative and tackle original, challenging projects with energy by extolling a shared vision. There are transactional leaders who instead of motivation for change, encourage excellence via compliance and efficiency.

The majority of leaders fall somewhere in between.

In this talk, Kasia will explore cases studies of various leaders (CISO, CEO, Corporate Vice President) and the stories they can tell based on the needs of the business and their strengths as a leader.

Track: Communication

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