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Combining AI-first with a purpose-driven workplace

Christina Rahtgens (DE)   Associate Partner at Silvester Group

Christina Rahtgens (DE)
Associate Partner at Silvester Group

We have moved from a “digital first” paradigm to a “mobile first” paradigm and now we are moving into an “AI first” paradigm. 

This change means that we need to challenge the narrative of the digital workplace as a set of tools to make you work faster. What we should rather aim for is a purpose driven workplace, where flexible and fulfilling work is possible.

“Far from the widespread fear that automation will make employees redundant, our research shows that the workplace of the future could create opportunities for more flexible and fulfilling work. Many organizations and employees are buying into the idea of flexible working, but struggling to implement the reality. Our research suggests that robots could be a significant part of the solution,” Adecco say.

Purpose this could be the lever to join forces in learning to think “AI first” at the same time as thinking “fulfilling workplace for all”?

Join the conversation in this session and help shape our thinking on the future workplace!

Track: Future Workplace